NAC/SMI Members


The National Advertising Committee (NAC) is a committee consisting of four voting members; two are Sylvan Learning Inc. corporate staff members and two are appointed FOA board members. The NAC meets every two weeks via conference calls, and three to four times per year in person to discuss the NAC Plan and the effectiveness of all aspects of the plan. Changes and improvements to the plan are continually made.

The NAC is responsible for the final decisions regarding the allocation and implementation of NAC advertising and marketing dollars. Some key goals of the NAC are:

  • To develop a strong national media plan
  • To drive qualified leads to Sylvan Learning Centers
  • To increase the awareness and perception of the Sylvan brand
  • To maximize the dollars spent on valuable advertising and marketing initiatives and to revise, review, or cancel ineffective marketing initiatives
  • To find and cultivate relationships and partnerships with organizations that will increase the awareness of Sylvan in the market place
Click HERE to Access the NAC By-Laws
Click HERE to Access the NAC Ownership Documents and Charter.
(The first couple of pages are documents from when Sylvan went public and so there had to be a change of the corporate ownership portion of the NAC.  The Charter is attached to this as a referenced document)