Mission of the FOA

The mission of the Sylvan Franchise Owners Association is to provide united leadership and effective communication in advocating for and protecting the interests of the Sylvan franchise community. The Sylvan FOA Board endeavors to uphold this mission by seeking continuous input from our members, by fostering ongoing communication between corporate and franchisees, and by working with vendor partners that support Sylvan owners.

The Benefits of Membership

The FOA is an affiliation of informed, independent Sylvan franchise owners. Our mission is to unite and create an environment whereby franchisees work with Sylvan management to increase net worth. We are committed to working together to help ensure franchisee success, profitability, and access to vital information that affects us as business owners.

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The Benefits of Vendor Partnership

The FOA is network of franchise owners who share information with each other to help ensure the success of the Sylvan brand. To that point, FOA members commonly share knowledge about companies for other FOA members to contract with. Further, FOA members support companies who support their interests through the Association.